General Information

Chesterfield Competitive Festival of Music & Drama (Re-launched 2010)


Chesterfield Competitive Festival of Music and Drama

Affiliated to The British & International Federation of Festivals




The aim of the Chesterfield Music Festival is to provide a competitive platform for amateur musicians and singers to perform in publicand to receive a professional adjudication on their performance. The Festival aims to give the general public an opportunity to enjoy the talents of competitors and to appreciate performances of music and song in a festival environment.


Classes for school choirs and school instrumental ensembles of school age will be held on the Friday (of the festival) during school time. Other may be on either day of the festival, but are most likely to will be on the Saturday. Details of exact times are sent out with competitor’s entry tickets approximately three weeks before the Festival.


On the evening of the Saturday there will be an All-Winners Concert. Entrants who win their class with a mark of 87 or more (86 or more for under 12s) will be invited to take part in the All-Winners Concert, where they will compete for the Festival trophies: Vocalist of the Festival, Instrumentalist of the Festival, and Young Performer of the Festival. The trophies for Choir of the Festival and Most Promising Young Singer will also be awarded at the concert.



Our Adjudicators for the music classes are listed in against each festival and may change from year to year. They are members of the British International Federation of Festivals and work within the guidelines and regulations of that Federation. The Speech and Drama classes are still being established and are currently being adjudicated by John Goodrum a local professional actor and theatre director, and also the President of our Festival.


May we remind you that:


Entrants whose piece requires piano accompaniment must use the Official Accompanists (see rule 6). We do not allow entrants to bring their own accompanists (except choirs or instrumental ensembles). Our accompanists have extensive experience of accompanying at all levels of performance. They are excellent sight-readers, however in order to support the entrants properly they must have the music well in advance. Please ensure that any music is sent in with the entry form as specified in Rule 7 of the rules and regulations.


The use of recorded backing tracks is allowed in certain classes only - these are clearly identified in the syllabus. Backing tracks must be on a CD and be legitimate recordings. A sound system to play the CD will be provided in these classes.

Our adjudicators need to be able to see a copy of the sheet music on the day (see rule 7). Please remember to bring a copy of every piece being performed and hand it in to the steward at the start of the class.


Entrants in the Drama classes must send in a copy of their chosen piece with the entry form and also provide one on the day for the adjudicator.


The smooth running of the Festival depends to a large extent on precise timekeeping of the various classes. Please assist us by considering the specified time limits carefully when choosing own choice pieces, and by stating an accurate duration of each piece on the entry form. Performances which exceed the time limit specified in the syllabus will not be fully adjudicated (see rule 9).


If you wish to perform any ‘Songs from the Shows’ please note the following: All performances using music from the shows in current production are subject to copyright law. Songs from shows in current production may be sung as a concert item, i.e., with no costume or movement without need for copyright permission. Where movement or costume is included in a performance copyright permission is required and the Festival committee accepts these entries on the basis that the appropriate copyright permission has been sought. Performers or teachers with queries on how to obtain copyright permission for performance items should contact Festivals House on 01906 302 1302 before making their entries. (Calls cost maximum of 50p per minute).