Rules and Regulations

Chesterfield Competitive Festival of Music & Drama (Re-launched 2010)


Chesterfield Competitive Festival of Music and Drama

Affiliated to The British & International Federation of Festivals



The use of sound recordings, video or photography (including mobile phones) is strictly prohibited during a performance or adjudication and at all other times while the festival is in progress.

1. All entries must be made on the official form found in the centre of the syllabus. Photocopies may be submitted for multiple entries. Cheques should be made payable to Chesterfield Music Festival and accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope for the return of entry tickets. Closing date for entries will be strictly adhered to.

2. The committee reserve the right to refuse an entry and to cancel or amalgamate any class for which there are insufficient entries. In the event of cancellation the entry fee will be returned.

3. The Festival classes are open to amateur performers only. An amateur is defined as a person who does not derive the main part of his/her income from that section of the art which he or she proposes to enter. This rule does not apply to conductors.

4. Festival entrants must comply with the age limit where applicable. The entrant’s age on the day of the Festival is deemed to be the age for the purpose of the entry. Proof must be produced if required.

5. The adjudicator’s decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

6. The Official Accompanists must be used for all solo or duet classes where piano accompaniment is required. The Accompanist is also available for choirs and instrumental ensembles if required. Backing track accompaniment (on CD) can only be used in classes where it is specified in the class name in the syllabus. Entrants must provide their own legitimate backing track. The Festival will provide suitable sound system to play the CD.

7. Details of own choice pieces must be given on the entry form. A copy of the music must be brought on the day and given to the adjudicator’s steward before the class commences. If the piece includes piano accompaniment then a copy of the music must be sent in with the Entry Form for the Official Accompanist. All entrants for Drama classes must also send in a copy of their own choice piece with the Entry Form. All copies must be clearly marked with the entrant’s name and class number. Failure to provide suitable copies at the appropriate time will result in disqualification from that class.

8. A set piece from another class may not be offered as own choice.

9. Time limits will be strictly adhered to. Adjudication will cease after the limit and the adjudicator may ask for the performance to be stopped.

10. An own choice test piece may not be performed in more than one class.

11. The Music Publishers’ Association has issued a revised code of practice on copying copyright works, and the following concession is made for copying own choice pieces from volumes only for the adjudicator. Other items must not be photo copied without the permission of the copyright holder in each case. When own choice is selected from a publication containing several different works and which is not published separately, one copy may be made for the use of an adjudicator at a festival provided that the competitor has already purchased his/her own original copy and that the copy is retained and destroyed by the Festival chair immediately after the Festival.

The original copy of the volume from which a piece is to be played, must be available in the room at the time of performance and adjudication. This permission specifically does not apply to set works. Single copies of items may not be photo copied without the prior permission of the copyright holder. The permission does not apply to making copies for the accompanist, who should always be given a printed copy from which to work. Photocopies for the adjudicator must be totally legible or they may be refused. Please note there are no facilities for producing photocopies at the Festival.

12. Adjudicator’s report – one copy only will be available after each class.

13. The order of competing will be shown as in the programme. This order can only be varied by arrangement with the adjudicator’s steward.

14. Certificates and awards may be withheld if in the opinion of the adjudicator, competitors have not reached a sufficiently high standard.

15. Successful entrants may be invited to perform again at the all-winners concert on the Saturday evening session of the Festival. At this concert trophies will be awarded for overall excellence.

16. Entrants must not be replaced by a substitute, nor may they change their own choice pieces. The Festival is under legal obligation to supply to the Performing Rights Society details of all items performed in the Festival and the co-operation of teachers and entrants in sending information at the correct time would be very much appreciated.

17. Winners of trophies must sign a receipt before taking the trophy away. In accepting a trophy the winner undertakes to keep it safely and return it adequately packed and in a clean condition to the Chair of the Festival Committee, Mrs Julia Tew, 11 Cheetham Avenue, Unstone, Derbyshire, S18 4DL by the March 1st of the following year (i.e. prior to the next festival).

18. The decision of the Festival Committee on any material raised or not covered by these regulations shall be final.